About Whole Damn Woman

How’d Whole Damn Woman even come about, you ask? You didn’t ask? Eh, here goes anyway.

In graduate school at the wise age of 22, my English-degree emphasis was creative nonfiction–telling true stories using the elements of fiction. I studied how self-expression connected us to one another. Throughout grad school, my goal was to be a writer telling my stories to help others feel less alone. And then life, money, an ex-boyfriend, and a move back to my childhood bedroom happened, and I lost that path.

Social media gave me a chance to start telling my stories again. I used Facebook to do it. I called my efforts “confessionalism” to honor the works of Sylvia Plath and Alanis Morissette, but as I learned, that was not the platform for raw self-disclosure. Being vulnerable in a place where people have no limits on their cruelty brought out the worst of my insecurities. I mean, arguing in writing is my talent, but that shit is wasted on Facebook.

I quit Facebook, lived on Twitter, and dabbled in Instagram. On Twitter, I was LaGritina, Tata McBoobalot, Foodiku, and more identities than I recall. But again, the vitriol of Twitter wore me down (I do not thrive in a place where the 45th American president did), and I felt strain on my mental health. I quit it all for thirty days. I needed to decide what I wanted from social media, if I wanted anything from it at all.

What I wanted was to share food because no other thing brings people together than a good fucking meal. So, DSM Food Lover was born on January 13, 2019.

Three problems (and by “problems,” I mean two boons and an actual problem) arose:

  1. DSM Food Lover gained a larger following than any of my previous accounts.
  2. DSM Food Lover became so much a part of my identity that people started introducing me that way.
  3. DSM Food Lover didn’t reflect me as a whole.

I wanted to talk about everything. My passion isn’t just food; It’s also what makes us human, what makes us fucked up and beautiful, what makes us scared and determined. I wanted a place to express the whole picture, MY whole picture, and help others express theirs. So, at the risk of harming what tiny following I’d built, I switched to Whole Damn Woman on February 20, 2020 (hello innocent pre-pandemic life). Whole Damn Woman officially became a business on July 1, 2020.

Despite my never-ending frustrations with social media, I finally found a place where I could be me, where I could tell stories to reduce stigma, share information, improve self-acceptance, and empower others and my community. I finally feel whole, and I can share Whole Damn Woman’s mission to educate and empower people to embrace who they are.

About Seeta

My name is Seeta (C-tuh), I am the founder and CEO of Whole Damn Woman, LLC., and I like chai and cheese. I’m literally eating fresh mozzarella drizzled with balsamic vinegar as I write this. I was born, raised, and still live in Des Moines, Iowa, but I also lived in Kansas to complete my Master’s in English. In grad school, I served as a graduate teaching assistant during which I taught English composition I and II (oh, the grading).

I moved back to Des Moines in 2003 and continued my career as a college educator. I taught as an adjunct (part-time) instructor at multiple institutions in the Des Moines-area, and I literally taught whatever I was asked to teach (at least twenty different types of courses). In 2013, I returned to graduate school to complete a certificate in sociology, so I could teach that as well because I guess English, lit, writing, film, and communication weren’t enough. But, after more attempts than I remember to land a full-time position (and countless volunteer stints and creating a campus food pantry), I learned the hard way I’d never get one. Let’s just say what I learned in that process gave me a renewed passion for social justice, which plays a major role in Whole Damn Woman.

On the personal side, I’m married to a guy (Hubster) who is a foot and an inch taller than me. We are childfree. He wants a dog, and I want a cat, so the electronics and stuffed animals are our pets. We live about a quarter-mile from my childhood home, and I frequently have to remind my father to stop worrying about my yard. In addition to cheese and chai, I’m a huge fan of the Chicago Cubs, I love traveling, I suffer from many things with acronyms, and I love writing and hope to publish romance novels as soon as I can work out how to unfuck the cluster that is my long-term work-in-progress. Feel free to say hello!

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