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Weird Food No. 1: Would You?

Yes or no? Answer in the comments.

This is a new offering at a Disneyland Resort. I don’t like pickles, so I’m a no, but I keep getting stuck on the side of peanut butter. Are pickles and peanut butter a normal thing?

"A hot dog stuffed in a pickle with a panko crust" Seriously? Count me in! Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs Cart, Downtown Disney District. Pickle Corn Dog: Panko-crusted dill pickle corn dog served with a side of peanut butter."
Source: Disney Parks Blog

4 thoughts on “Weird Food No. 1: Would You?”

  1. Melissa Bennett

    I totally would. I kind of think of like. Thai peanut satay but make it Murica. Peanutbutter is pretty much emulsified peanuts, so as long as it’s not sweetened the briny-ness of the pickles would help cut all the fat of the Hot dog, fried goodness and the PB would add a creamy textural mild sweetness. Shake Shack has a PB burger that apparently pretty good as well.

    Also I love so so many pickled things. Though I draw the line at eggs.

    1. See, now, I like peanut butter on a burger. A few places in DSM have them. But it’s just the pickle part. And just straight dill pickles. I’ll do sweet pickles. I’ll do other pickled things. I like cucumbers. Cucumbers and peanut butter sounds good. Now I’m hungry.

  2. I’d try it, but expect it wouldn’t be my thing. I’m not really into dill pickles, BUT I do like spicy, sweet pickles and peanut butter on toast.

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