Weekly Update: Course, Newsletter, & Boobs

Back of tumbler, boob outlines

I’m constantly experimenting with this blog, so let’s try a weekly update, shall we?


My April course is (FINALLY) up! It’s called Love Your Jiggles: How to Develop Self-Compassion for Fatness. I normally release courses on the first of the month, but this one was a challenge. I wanted to approach it differently than I had my other courses so far, and I ended up with something totally new to me. There’s a lot more videos, a lot more of me trying to be myself, and a lot more of me trying to be myself ON CAMERA, WHICH I HATE. But I think I’m happy with the result, and I hope you like it too!


Also late was my newsletter. That usually goes out on the 15th, but I decided to release it and the course simultaneously. If you aren’t already signed up, go here. Shhhhh. Don’t argue. There might be free stuff coming in future months, and you don’t want to miss that, right? You can also look for the little form that pops up on pretty much every damn page of my website. That should be a hint, right?


The wonderful Vanessa from DevourLV (formerly Devour DSM) made this AMAZETITS tumbler for me, and I’m just in awe of how fucking gorgeous it is! She totally surprised me with it, and I cannot get over it! Check out her shop on Etsy and on Instagram!

Tumbler, Whole Damn Woman logo, various types of boobs, over a green and blue glitter base
Tumbler bottom, a good vibes only sticker with vibrator outlines in the background

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