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Today’s Read: Say Her Name, Michelle Cusseaux

This is a summary of the police murder of Michelle Cusseaux. CW: Gun violence, murder

A few months ago, I watched this Ted Talk on intersectionality from the woman who coined the term, Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw. She opened my eyes to #SayHerName and the total silence about Black women who’ve been murdered by law enforcement. We know George Floyd. We know Tamir Rice. We know Philando Castile. But can we name any Black women who’ve died so unjustly?

I want to note the importance of knowing, saying, and sharing their names. This isn’t about Black trauma porn (i.e. think about why you’re watching and sharing videos of seeing Black folks die violent deaths). This is simply knowing that Black women die at the hands of law enforcement as well.

This is merely one woman’s name. This is merely one example of the abuse of power toward Black women (and the examples are all triggering as fuck). This is merely one case of so many ways in which the stigma against mental illness leads to unnecessary death.

There are more. Take the time to learn and say her name.

Today’s Read: Social Media Addiction

This has been an issue for me lately, so as invasive technology does what it does, this article popped in my Google Discover as a recommended read. I’m not sure if I’m grateful, creeped out, or resigned to this reality.

What tips would you recommend to others about limiting social media and phone use?

Today’s Read: Midwest Access Coalition

Along with the Iowa Abortion Access Fund (for which I am a sustaining donor), I just want y’all to know this exists.

I don’t really care what your views on abortion are. Abortions are health care. They are medically necessary. They aren’t going anywhere. If they become harder to obtain, we’ll find ways to make sure people get the care they need. That’s it. There’s no discussion about it.

And as the saying goes, if you don’t like abortion, don’t have one.

Today’s Read: Get That Cash

I’m not a fan of the gig economy, but I am a fan of making money where you can, so I figured I’d share this article.

The one I really like that’s listed here is Honey. This isn’t an ad at all, and I’m still figuring out how it works, but the four or five times I’ve gone to purchase something online with the Honey extension in my browser, it has kicked in, and I’ve saved at least $10. I don’t know about you, but $10 in four or five shopping trips is a lot to me.

So, yeah. Y’all out here making sure every dollar counts? You’ll want to check this out.

Today’s Read: Common Types of Privilege

It’s not just White privilege . . .

Do you benefit from any of these? Several of them? None of them? Were you surprised by any of these?

I know I benefit from socioeconomic and heterosexual privilege. The one that catches me off guard is socioeconomic. I don’t think of myself as someone who has more than others because my sense of wealth is so skewed by billionaires versus poverty. How about you?

And certainly, this isn’t all of them. We don’t hear about much beyond White privilege. But as societies are a series of ranked layers (stratification, in sociology), someone is at the top of each layer, and that someone is benefitting from the privilege of being at the top.

Was humanity destined to be this way? I think we were because these ranked layers appear in nature, but that doesn’t mean we have to bend to it so readily. We keep claiming we’re better than animals, but as we ARE animals, maybe we should recognize that reality first.

Today’s Resource: Sleep

Sleep is a great resource. We don’t appreciate it enough. Not getting enough sleep can literally kill you, but if it doesn’t get that bad, it can cause a host of other issues. Shall I be your evidence?

My dentist reminded me yesterday that I’m grinding my teeth (likely when I sleep), which messed up the placement of a crown on my tooth. After a few years of her trying to get me to do a sleep test, I actually had one scheduled that same day. I’ve never heard my dentist sound so pleased.

I did the sleep test last night. Hated it. Didn’t sleep well (oh, the data they’re going to get from me). I woke up around six something, took off the contraption, then went back to sleep. I didn’t wake up until 11 a.m., but I had a dermatology appointment at noon. However, I had to fill out a COVID screening, and I had to be honest that I was experiencing fatigue, and that required me to reschedule. (But I’m ALWAYS experiencing fatigue because I don’t sleep healthily.)

Not only did shitty sleep cause me to go to the dentist, but it also required me to reschedule a different appointment.

And that’s not even getting into my mad need for sugar and carbs because I never have enough energy to get through the day, and how that caused me to be pre-diabetic at my last doctor’s appointment.

Y’all. I’m pretty sure sleep is the meaning of life.

Today’s Resource: Doctors, Man

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in the process of learning how I might have ADHD. No one has ever suggested I might have it until this year. A friend suggested it. Another friend mentioned it in an unrelated conversation. Then, when I mentioned it to my therapist, she made the familiar, “You knowwww . . .” comment that told me she’d been thinking about it.

This article, however, details one of a few reasons why it probably went unsuggested to me.

In addition to being a woman (ADHD is underdiagnosed for us as well), I’m a person of color. I’m also fat. Put all three of those together, and I’m only now starting to learn of my true medical concerns, and only because I’m asking about them and pushing my medical providers more than I ever have. Spoiler alert: Some doctors don’t like that.

Have you experienced this in your life? What went undiagnosed or unaddressed for you by the medical industry? What was falsely diagnosed for you? What do you have suspicions about? Do you feel treated differently by the medical industry because of some label you have? Talk to me in the comments!