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I’m a writer by nature and education, and this is where you’ll find my posts.

  • Notice (Limited Availability)
    Whole Damn Woman will have limited availability due to a death in the family.
  • Request
    If you have testimonials or reviews for any of the services I provide, I’d love your thoughts on my Google Business Profile, please! Thank you so much!
  • FYI: Merch Removed
    I closed my RedBubble account today, so merchandise is temporarily unavailable. If you find any of Jo’s work on my merch being sold on Amazon, it’s not by me. In fact, if you find that work being sold anywhere, it’s neither me nor Jo, so please report it. I’m currently fighting with Amazon to get… Read More »FYI: Merch Removed
  • Strike a Pose: Who Are You When You’re Alone?
    This is not who I want to be. I am always the clever, talented woman in the mirror. I need to shatter the glass.
  • Incivility and Attention Whores
    But they know full well they aren’t because they have to disparage the so-called uncivilized “savage” in order to look like the victim. And they couldn’t easily defeat the Natives, so they . . . threw a tantrum.