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UPDATES: DSM Food Database, 5/7/21

Some quick thoughts:

  • Black Cat Ice Cream is going where Woody’s Smoke Shack was. That’s a sad sign for any potential return of Woody’s/Stew’s after Stew’s passing. We were holding out hope.
  • I’m pretty sure Tacos mi Carmelo is closed. We passed it, and it looked deserted. I’ll have to double check though.
  • I can’t find anything about Wol’s beyond filing for a liquor license.
  • TH Cheesecakes is in Waukee, but I can’t tell if they have a location or operate inside another place. I’ll be checking that out, and I’ll update when I find out.
  • Are picnics the new food trend? It’s a pandemic-friendly way to eat. Might as well be. I think we’re beyond the charcuterie boom.
  • As always, if you know of any changes for food businesses in the area, please let me know!
Des Moines
COMING SOON: Black Cat Ice Cream
CLOSED: Tacos mi Carmelo

COMING EVENTUALLY: Wol's Intercontinental Restaurant

Windsor Heights

Food Trucks, Home-Based & Such
ADDED: Chamo Kitchen
NEW: Healthy Harvest Farms
NEW: Hot Lunch Food Truck
COMING SOON: Sister Sister Picnics (Black-owned)
ADDED: TH Cheesecakes
ADDED: Tacos la Barca
COMING SOON: Vowed Picnics

ADDED: Happy Life Greens

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