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Today’s Read: Your Calling

mockup of white clipboard with blank paper

Though something about this website makes me feel a little squicky, I find this list intriguing, especially the bits about admitting we don’t inherently have everything we need to fulfill our calling.

Part of me wants to be this woman. Part of me wants to run screaming from her. Hm. Maybe she has a point then . . .

But it reminded me of this video from an amazing TikTok creator, Jasmine’s Garden. I’d thought about the possibility of having more than one purpose, but I’d never heard anyone else share that thought, so I’ve never really talked about it. Sometimes, I wish I weren’t so dependent upon hearing someone else verify my thoughts. It’s annoying to constantly feel the need for permission (instantly thought of Gaga’s “Scheiße”). Anyway, here’s the Ms. Jasmine:

And just because I mentioned the song and can’t get it out of my head now:

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