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Today’s Read: List Making Tips!

a variety of writing notebooks

I have an entire notebook for to-do lists. I’m not joking. There’s video below (I’m sorry it’s such a large video. I’m still learning WordPress). I check it every day, I make a new list each week. I’d be lost without it.

However, some stuff will be on the list for decades. That’s not an exaggeration. I had “ticket stubs” on that list for probably 20 years. I finally finished that project last year because, well, pandemic. All I had to do was put my old ticket stubs in a keepsake journal. Easy, right?

But it was more than that, and in my head, it was a daunting task. It was buying the right journals and the right number of journals, sorting the ticket stubs by year then month then date, making them fit in the journal slot holders (something I wasn’t anticipating), hoping none got out of order (one did, and I wanted to start all over again, but I had my therapist in my head, and she was like, “Is it gonna change anything if you leave it as-is?” And I was like, “But I’m gonna KNOW!” It’s true. I still know. But I haven’t fixed it. There are whole days I forget about it though. Because you know, life hinges on that one movie ticket not being in chronological order.)


It gets frustrating to write the same stuff each week. It feels like failure. It’s all, “You still haven’t done that?! Loser.” But I’ve learned this might be an ADD/ADHD thing for me, which, even if I’m not ADHD, I’m definitely feeling understood by the tips and strategies provided to neurodivergent folks for life management.

One reason some tasks never get done is because I haven’t broken up the tasks into small enough steps. But today’s read, this article, helped at least give me something new to try (it’s also linked below the video).

I’ve collected a lot of list making tips over my life. I used to keep stuff on random scraps of paper like the article discusses, but I got tired of forgetting stuff, so that’s where the notebook came in. Also, my chiropractor talked about having a master list, and I do a variation on that.

But writing out a master list every week doesn’t make a lot of sense. An easily updated electronic version, however, makes a shit ton of sense. So, that’s what I’m getting ready to do. I’ll try creating one in Google Docs, so it can go with me everywhere, and I’ll break down each item into smaller tasks. Or at least a few. I’ll also attach some of the other list making and goal-setting lessons I’ve learned like including a purpose and reward by each task.

List making. It’s my everything. I’ll try to remember updating y’all on how it goes! I should probably add that to the list.

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