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Today’s Read: Common Types of Privilege

pile of crumpled fabric in studio

It’s not just White privilege . . .

Do you benefit from any of these? Several of them? None of them? Were you surprised by any of these?

I know I benefit from socioeconomic and heterosexual privilege. The one that catches me off guard is socioeconomic. I don’t think of myself as someone who has more than others because my sense of wealth is so skewed by billionaires versus poverty. How about you?

And certainly, this isn’t all of them. We don’t hear about much beyond White privilege. But as societies are a series of ranked layers (stratification, in sociology), someone is at the top of each layer, and that someone is benefitting from the privilege of being at the top.

Was humanity destined to be this way? I think we were because these ranked layers appear in nature, but that doesn’t mean we have to bend to it so readily. We keep claiming we’re better than animals, but as we ARE animals, maybe we should recognize that reality first.

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