Unlearning: Diet Culture’s Hatred of Sugar

**Originally shared in my Instagram stories**

Sugar isn’t evil.

If you crave sugar, it’s likely because your body needs quick energy. Sugar provides that.

Per the CDC, a third of Americans don’t get enough sleep.

So-called sugar addiction is a thing in American because Americans are sleep deprived.

This isn’t an original thought. It’s widely discussed. But it’s something people (myself included) over-complicate.

So much information peddled by diet culture makes us believe food has a moral stance. Food is neutral. Diet culture has a(n) (im)moral stance, which is to generate noise between our bodies and our thinking. This is done in the name of profit, not health.

Our bodies are the signal. They tell us what we need. Diet culture tells us our bodies don’t know any better, which is a lie.

I’ve had two hours of sleep. I got out of bed craving sugar. I couldn’t figure out why. Duh. My body needs energy because it’s sleep deprived.

I’m still unlearning the capitalism-driven control over how we perceive our bodies. But I now get why “listen to your body” never made sense to me. It’s because the noise of society interferes with the signals my body sends me.

Sure, there are healthier ways to get energy like drinking water and getting more sleep. But my body wanted more efficient fuel this morning.

So, I’m drinking AE chocolate milk and working on unlearning the guilt. Because guilt is not an ingredient.

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