Preview: Dix in a Bag (NSFW)

I’d like to introduce Dix. Dix the Destroyer from Geeky Sex Toys.

Disclaimer: The Geeky Sex Toy link is an affiliate link. I receive 10 percent from each sale when that link is used. This, however, does not alter my opinion of their products. If I review a product, it will be 100 percent honest because that’s how I roll. But I’m not the only one who gets perks! You can use the code WHOLEVIBE5 when you check out for a 5 percent discount!

Dix the Destroyer

I fell in love with Geeky Sex Toys a year or so ago, but I’d never purchased anything from them for myself. I bought a gift for a friend, and she told me the quality was outstanding, so I knew I’d buy something eventually. I’d had my eye on Dix for months, but I couldn’t convince myself. See . . . it’s large. Like . . . comically. But I was curious, and I loved the look, so I finally bought it.

A review is on its way eventually, but for now, I can vouch for Geeky Sex Toys. The quality on this is excellent. It’s 100 percent silicone. This one is a softer choice, but others are more firm. There’s no suction cup, sadly, but it is hand-painted and well-crafted.

More soon!

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