Get a Free Thing!

Oh, hi. I don’t know how we’re a week away from the end of January, but apparently, time isn’t concerned with my sense of reality.

Anyway, free things! I’m starting a newsletter in March, and you can get a free thing if you sign up for that mailing list, which you can do here! Is the free thing worth it? Heck yeah! It’s all about re-finding your wholeness. It’s an easy PDF, and it gives you some good stuff to think about.

Other updates:

  • My Understanding Privilege course is live on Thinkific and available for $30! Even if you aren’t ready to take it, you can sign up to my school and get access to free content.
  • Thursday, January 25th at 7:30 U.S. Central Standard Time is my next Difficult Dinner Discussion on Instagram Live.
  • The next course–Bad Ass Bitchery: A Practical, Actionable Guide to Patriarchy Busting–is coming on February 1st via Thinkific! It’s customized for different comfort levels, so there’ll be something in there for everyone.
  • That newsletter I mentioned is coming March 15th!
  • I did a Pay It Forward style giveaway at DreiBerge Coffee in Des Moines’s Historic East Village, and I cannot wait to do that again! I’m hoping to do it once a month.
  • My Patreon Patrons helped me come up with ideas for my newsletter . . . which will probably look like this in structure. But it’ll be themed content, and I am PSYCHED about that!
  • SO MUCH MORE. I can’t tell you everything, but I’ve landed a new client, and I’m so excited to be working with them!
  • As I’ve updated on Instagram, I’ve been fighting depression (seasonal, political, PMDD, who knows), but I’m hoping I’m on the way out of this funk. If I’m honest, that’s why I haven’t posted. I’d apologize for being inconsistent, but, you know . . . brain shit.

Tell me YOUR good news in the comments! 💚

The World Is Extra Spinny & Other Updates

I haven’t been active because I’ve been sick since last Wednesday. But I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. Which . . . speaking of swing . . .

I have a sinus or ear infection of some kind, but with it has come intense vertigo that was sometimes causing me to lose control over my eyes. As scary as fuck as that sounds, it turns out it’s common. It’s called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (or BPPV). As I’ve dealt with vertigo before and am quite a klutz anyway, I’ve done a lot of sitting and sleeping. I also got tested for COVID-19, which was negative. Thanks to BPPV, I’ve also learned how willing my doctor is to do telehealth and to suggest free resources for physical therapy (because I don’t have insurance anymore).

Getting sick in a pandemic is a whole thing, y’all.

I wanted to provide some other updates.

  • I’m cutting way back on Instagram use. Facebook/Instagram is getting increasingly greedy and evil, and I don’t wish to take part in that. I’ll keep my account, and I’ll use it, but I won’t be engaging as much. As a business owner, this hurts. I’ve depended upon IG for marketing, but this forces me to go beyond the easy methods of social media. I anticipate a serious drop in revenue (not like I had a lot to begin with) until I can adjust to the new methods.
  • The new methods are this website and Patreon.
  • I’m killing the resource of the day. I’m just gonna post like a normal person.
  • I’m actively seeking clients for social justice consulting. This includes anything to do with our identities including race and gender.
  • The Winter Solstice Drive is in full effect! Please consider donating!

There’s probably more, but I’m ready for a damn nap. More to come soon!