Today’s Read: Decluttering

I’m trying to get back into daily posts, but I’ll keep them short.

I always have a million and a half articles saved to read, and I rarely get to them. So, I put a daily reminder on my calendar and picked a category for each day like diet culture articles, small businesses advice, etc. I have Wildcard Wednesdays for things that don’t fit my usual categories, and today, ironically, was about decluttering. Reading an article about decluttering to declutter my reading list?! Surely not nooooo.

Anyway, it’s called “‘Clearing our space clears our mind’: Top decluttering tips from professional organizers” by Ryan Ermey, and my favorite part was how it talked about ways to make habits stick. Yesterday, I attended an ADHD webinar about that very thing, and they discussed habit stacking, which is exactly what this article references (the dishwasher/email connection).

Have you tried habit stacking? How do you feel about decluttering? Share your thoughts in the comments, please!

And now, I’m going to declutter one of my desk drawers.

12/8: Resource of the Day (RoD), Anti-Semitic Attack

Content warning: The link contains a news story including violence and hatred against Jewish people.

A Jewish friend of mine shared this on Instagram. Had she not done that, I’d have never heard about it. I’m curious how many others heard about it or not. I am wholly unqualified to discuss anything regarding Judaism or the lives and struggles of Jewish people. My goal is to continue to learn, but it’s hard when such stories get buried by the onslaught that is Trumpism and its consequences.

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