4/17/21: DSM Food Database Updates!

Last week, I had no updates for the DSM Food Database, but this week . . . whoa! I did some digging on Facebook, and I found a bunch of stuff I didn’t know existed. Several new places came across from my friends and family as well. So, here you are. HUGE updates in the graphic below!

Two notes though: Steve McFadden owns Tipsy Crow Tavern, Sambetti’s, Grumpy Goat, and several other places in the area. If you don’t know, he’s not our peeps. Well, he also owns 50th Street Tap, which is now Boomer’s Bicycle Lounge, which means I won’t be trying TäKō.

But the sad part for me is I learned his wife, Trisha, owns Early Bird Brunch, which is opening in West Des Moines. I was looking forward to that one because we have such a shortage of breakfast and brunch places here, but so much for that.

It would help if The Breakfast Club that just opened wasn’t owned by the Gusto Pizza/El Guapo dudes because I don’t like them either. Could we please get a Black-woman owned breakfast place in this fucking city?! OH WAIT. I forgot we live in hell now.

And if you’re the odd racist dickwad hate-reading this, you’re welcome. Lots of places for you to spend your money. Enjoy eating with people who all shit in the the same gene pool. Makes you wonder how many times they coughed on your food. Oh! I guess it would’ve helped if y’all were pro-mask, huh?

Call to Action: Keep an Eye on Iowa’s Legislature . . .

If you want to keep an eye on what the Republican-controlled government in Iowa is doing this legislative session, here are a few resources:

Iowa Legislature website

Ballotpedia: 2021 Iowa Legislature

And don’t forget the evil Iowa Republican leader who you definitely shouldn’t be writing every day to remind her how many Iowans have died on her watch or how her support of Donald Trump is nothing short of support for a traitor.

Resource of the Day: “We’re Really Fucked Now”

One of our best local reporters, Aaron Calvin, wrote a piece for Iowa Informer, and it conveys pretty much everything I’m thinking.

The governor returned to her podium with a democratically delivered mandate for her to simply continue looking on as the suffering and death piled up.

Aaron calvin, “We’re really fucked now,” Iowa Informer

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