Preview: Dix in a Bag (NSFW)

I’d like to introduce Dix. Dix the Destroyer from Geeky Sex Toys.

Disclaimer: The Geeky Sex Toy link is an affiliate link. I receive 10 percent from each sale when that link is used. This, however, does not alter my opinion of their products. If I review a product, it will be 100 percent honest because that’s how I roll. But I’m not the only one who gets perks! You can use the code WHOLEVIBE5 when you check out for a 5 percent discount!

Dix the Destroyer

I fell in love with Geeky Sex Toys a year or so ago, but I’d never purchased anything from them for myself. I bought a gift for a friend, and she told me the quality was outstanding, so I knew I’d buy something eventually. I’d had my eye on Dix for months, but I couldn’t convince myself. See . . . it’s large. Like . . . comically. But I was curious, and I loved the look, so I finally bought it.

A review is on its way eventually, but for now, I can vouch for Geeky Sex Toys. The quality on this is excellent. It’s 100 percent silicone. This one is a softer choice, but others are more firm. There’s no suction cup, sadly, but it is hand-painted and well-crafted.

More soon!

Um, hi, porn watchers?

So, this doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but I’m getting a lot of traffic from a porn site. My business name does tend to have terms in common with a typical porn search, so I’m not surprised. It’s probably a little disappointing. But hey! I’ll be talking about sex toys soon, and you can get a discount from Geeky Sex Toys through my affiliate link and a certain code. Just ask! And welcome!

Discount! Geeky Sex Toys!

Y’all! I’m excited to announce I’m now an affiliate for Geeky Sex Toys! What that means is, if you use that link and make a purchase, I get ten percent. HOWEVER, I also have a discount code, which gets you off . . . gets you five percent off: WHOLEVIBE5.

I know five percent doesn’t seem like much, but sex toys are expensive. So, let’s say you love the idea of a glow-in-the-dark laser sword dildo that is definitely not at all meant to be a light saber. Five percent knocks over $7 off the cost. Seven bucks buys a sandwich, man. I’m just saying. Save where you can.

Anyway, I’ve also applied to become an influencer for them, so I’m hoping Geeky Sex Toys will become a bigger, harder, much more inappropriate part of Whole Damn Woman. For now, please enjoy the discount. Use that link, use the code, and use your toys!

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