Today’s Read: Dances With Fat

In the effort to accept my body, I’m slowly checking out resources to help me in this journey covered in broken glass, trauma, and ice cream. One resource of resources is Ragen Chastain, the creator of Dances with Fat. Her website has SO MANY LINKS. There are articles, courses, workshops, videos, coloring books, social media links . . . basically, this feels like a one-stop shop, and I bookmarked eight new things. And she’s an Ironathlete, so take that assholes who think fat can’t be fit!

Today’s Read: Anti-Diet Culture is Pro-Social Justice

I deeply enjoy Dr. Alexis Conason’s work. So, of course, I had to share this piece.

With the conversation in my IG post today, I needed to highlight this excerpt from Conason’s piece:

Our preference for the term “diet culture” over “the patriarchy” mirrors what has happened in the “body positive” movement, which quickly left behind its roots of radical fat activism to morph into a movement centering privileged bodies that allowed people to feel empowered without requiring any real change. Body positivity is cool while fat acceptance is not.

Dr. Alexis Conason, “Why Do We Say “Diet Culture” Instead of “the Patriarchy?”

Why do I go hard on hating diet culture? It’s because it disempowers women and non-binary folks, and it continues to insult, ignore, and harm fat folks.