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Interrupting the regular broadcast

I planned to write about body movement today, but that post will have to wait until tomorrow. I’m too angry.

I am so beyond sick of White supremacy, toxic masculinity, entitlement, racism, and ignorance. I hoped Trump being out of office would tamp down some of the rancid shit he encouraged, but I see he was just an agent is this whole right-wing movement, and that our trajectory is still headed toward something catastrophic.

White men, step aside for a bit. I’m not attacking you or asking you to give anything up. I’m just asking you to step aside and listen. Stop putting yourselves first for a change. And don’t “not all men” me. That’s not stepping aside. That’s centering yourselves yet again.

Or better . . . do center yourselves as a source of the problem. If you personally aren’t sexually harassing or harming women or other people, what are you doing to stop the other dudes around you from doing it? You do realize that women can’t stop misogyny, right? You do know that BIPOC cannot stop racism, right? It’s. On. YOU. White women, you too. You don’t get a pass either.

Folks have spent the last several years trying damn near everything just to get y’all to listen, and you keep shrugging or doing the minimum. At what point do you say, “How am I part of the problem?” At what point do you put aside your ego and stop being so fucking defensive? We only need you to see your role the problem for two fucking seconds for there to be real change.

Like I said to a student once, “You may not be racist, but you might be contributing to systems that are.” I know full well that I have, and I’m doing my best to change and take responsibility for my fuck ups. So, join me, yeah? You might not be sexist, misogynist, hateful, violent, or cruel, but you might be inadvertently contributing to cultures that are. When are you going to be willing to recognize your role and make a fucking change?

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