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Gimme a minute . . .

For me, there isn’t much split between the personal and professional. The two would not exist without each other. Both benefit and suffer because of the other. This particular moment, there’s a complete blur between what little line exists.

As I’ve mentioned on Instagram, my family is experiencing an extremely difficult time, and I’m struggling to function even more than usual. I can’t focus for longer than thirty seconds. I have to pause often just to formulate thoughts. My brain is usually rapid-fire, so this is beyond challenging.

There’s this Mumford & Sons (always minus Winston now, I guess) lyric that says, “I closed my eyes for a while and forced from the world a patient smile.” That’s where I am. I need to close my eyes for a bit and just rest and do little things like moving one dish from the living room to the kitchen just to keep functioning.

(Legit. I paused to think about what to write next, and I had no idea what I’d written already. My brain is not happy with this situation.)

What I’m trying to say is . . . regular service will resume soon.

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