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Financial Wholeness + COVID-19 = *crying*

It’s wonderful to want to support small businesses in your community especially if you’re viewing IG story feeds like mine and feel that pull. That said, it’s also easy to feel pressured to support businesses when you don’t have the means. While this might seem counter to everything I’m posting on IG, it’s OK to not spend money!

If you’re worried about how you will feed yourself and your kids, supporting local businesses is plainly not a priority. Please connect as much as possible to those in your community. A lot of us are trying to share resources to help keep people in need fed and safe. Keep an eye out for those both on IG and (eventually) here. I’ll start collecting resources and sharing them.

If you have the privilege of not worrying where your next meal will come from, you might consider saving the money you aren’t using on gas. No, interest rates are not in your favor, but having an emergency fund helps.

You might also consider investing. My favorite source of financial advice is Bravely Go, owned and operated by Kara Perez. She makes financial literacy accessible. I’d never invested in the stock market before this year because I thought it was for rich white men. Thanks to her, I’m giving it a try. I have only made about $30 this year, and $18.25 is invested through an investment app. The bad news? I’m down to $14. The good news? Bravely Go taught me investing is for the long haul.

The point is even in an uncertain economy, there are ways to advocate for your financial well-being, which is a part of what makes a whole you. Even if you’re anti-capitalism (and trust me, I’m not a fan of it these days), it’s better to understand how that system works, so you can use it against the jerks hoarding money.

And if you do have a few spare bucks, consider buying food for food banks before you grab that latte. If you can do both, even better! Community care and self-care are equally important!

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