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DSM Food Lover Restaurant Database Updated!

The DSM Food Lover Restaurant Database has new content! I’m done with Des Moines proper, and I’ll make changes as I learn them. There might be some missing restaurants and updates I’ve missed, so do not hesitate to tell me!

I’ve added a tab for small farms, food cooperatives, food pantries, and small markets (named Farms, Coopers, Markets, Pantries), which is simple and still in progress. If you sell eggs, produce, bread, milk, or any other food basics, please contact me; I’m happy to add you!

Please keep sharing the list especially with folks who are low-income or who have lost their jobs. I can also mail printed copies of some tabs, if needed. (Gotta keep the USPS going!) I know not everyone has an internet connection or devices to access these lists.

More updates to come! As always, if you’re feeling able, I am taking donations: Thank you to everyone who has used the list, shared it, and donated!

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