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Discount! Geeky Sex Toys!

Y’all! I’m excited to announce I’m now an affiliate for Geeky Sex Toys! What that means is, if you use that link and make a purchase, I get ten percent. HOWEVER, I also have a discount code, which gets you off . . . gets you five percent off: WHOLEVIBE5.

I know five percent doesn’t seem like much, but sex toys are expensive. So, let’s say you love the idea of a glow-in-the-dark laser sword dildo that is definitely not at all meant to be a light saber. Five percent knocks over $7 off the cost. Seven bucks buys a sandwich, man. I’m just saying. Save where you can.

Anyway, I’ve also applied to become an influencer for them, so I’m hoping Geeky Sex Toys will become a bigger, harder, much more inappropriate part of Whole Damn Woman. For now, please enjoy the discount. Use that link, use the code, and use your toys!

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