Des Moines: Support Community Fridges

If you’ve been following the nonsense that is the City of Des Moines’ Food Security Task Force, you’ll know they are partnering with an (alleged) sexual predator to bolster his business, and they’ve rejected real solutions from someone who is actually feeding the community, Monika Owczarski, owner of Sweet Tooth Farm.

On her urban farm, Monika provides a community fridge that is beyond successful. Several other community fridges are popping up around the city. However, one is under threat of fines from the city if it is not moved from the front yard of a property–where it is accessible to all . . . which is the point of provided food security resources–to the back yard of the property.

The North Des Moines Community Fridge is different from other community bridge’s only because of zoning laws. But hunger doesn’t give a single fuck about zoning laws. And the city needs to re-evaluate the law before removing a food source for the hungry.

So, if you want to help, there are a few things you can do:

This is particular important because both Sweet Tooth’s fridge and a Little Free Pantry in DSM have been vandalized in the last month. It’s pretty clear someone doesn’t want the hungry to eat, which is monstrous. So, yeah. You’re needed here. The most powerful thing you can do is contact your city council member!

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