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Self-care with Whole Damn Woman!

  • Self-Care, Your Privacy, & Bodily Autonomy
    When social fuckery makes us feel like shit, self-care becomes essential.
  • Systemic Change Needs Self-Care
    I cannot stress this enough: “It’s not about how society can fix us. It’s about how the empowered self fosters systemic change.” We cannot change society if our basic needs are neglected. Read more here:
  • You Aren’t Failing at Self-Care
    You want a change in your self-care routine, but you have no idea where to start. Maybe you plan an occasional self-care day or weekend and you’re like, “I’m gonna hydrate and eat healthy and exercise and clean my house, then rest, and I’ll feel so much better,” but you keep finding yourself binging Friends… Read More »You Aren’t Failing at Self-Care
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