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Get to Know the Self-Care Coach!

Hey there!

My name is Seeta (pronounced C-tuh), and I am the founder and CEO of Whole Damn Woman, this feminist self-care education company. I also like to swear. Obviously.

For twenty years, I taught college English, sociology, and student development, the last of which was self-care in disguise. I was an adjunct, so to make ends meet, I taught six or seven classes a semester at three different institutions. I helped thousands of folks throughout my career, with one student as young as 14 and one as wise as 76. I helped them put their self-betterment first.


Yet I wasn’t taking care of me. I was constantly stressed, doing whatever I could to make my bosses happy, so I could get a full-time teaching position. It took me several years to realize I would never get a full-time job at my main employer because I didn’t meet the unspoken criteria: Thin, white, traditionally attractive, and conservative.

After two decades of self-betrayal and muting my authenticity to follow bullshit rules I didn’t even like, I left the traditional classroom. I wanted to help others live on their terms while rediscovering and embracing my own. So, here I am. I started Whole Damn Woman, a patriarchy-smashing business to combat unrealistic expectations put on us by traditional, outdated junk because that shit holds us down.

Seeta is a self-care coach, educator, and writer.

I’ve always enjoyed self-improvement, but I hated how it was packaged in toxic positivity. Just think positive, right? No. I deeply hated how every solution to a better life was about the professional grind, diet culture, and unquestioned, binary thinking. Let’s be real: We are never guaranteed what we want if we just work harder, eat less, move more, and stay in our lane. We definitely can’t play by the rules if we’re too tired, stressed, and overwhelmed to nourish our basic needs. Worse, when we do play by society’s craptacular rules, far too many of us lose ourselves in the male-dominated capitalist machine. It got old a long time ago.

coach and self-care educator laughing

Whole Damn Woman started as my way to reclaim my wholeness. It became a way to help everyone find their Shitty Shoulds, obliterate them with self-love, and refuse to accept the same old shitstorm of standards that don’t fit who we are.