Welcome to Whole Damn Woman!

My name is Seeta (pronounced C-tuh), and I’m the Founder and CEO of Whole Damn Woman. You’re here, and that makes me happy! That means that you are curious about your wholeness.

I started Whole Damn Woman because I grew frustrated with how many portions of our society dehumanize us. I love to teach, but what I was allowed to teach at the college-level was limited. I taught for 20 years, and was frustrated by the tedium of teaching where to put punctuation marks while my students were battling life-threatening eating disorders, home trauma, and food insecurity. What they needed was empathy, confidence and acceptance. The more I tried to teach that way, the more pushback I got from administration.

I left. Slowly, I found a way to teach what we all need: A means to rediscovering the wholeness with which we are born.

Whole Damn Woman is here to help you make your life your own. Wholeness is our innate default and our birthright. Through my education and career as an English, sociology, communication and personal development educator as well as my love for the power of personal stories, my company can help each person see how society has chipped away at who we are, replaced those missing pieces with things that betray our humanity, and caused us to stop listening to our own souls.

Whole Damn Woman is her to help you take a long look at yourself, change what doesn’t serve you, and retake your humanity. We look at everything from guilt over eating pizza to how racism and misogyny dehumanize us.

This isn’t life coaching. Whole Damn Woman shows you how to be your own coach and how to wipe out society’s noise!