Welcome to Whole Damn Woman!

My name is Seeta (pronounced C-tuh), and I’m the Founder and CEO of Whole Damn Woman. You’re here, and that makes me happy! That means that you are curious about your wholeness.

I started Whole Damn Woman because I grew frustrated with how many portions of our society dehumanize us. I love to teach, but what I was allowed to teach at the college-level was limited. I taught for 20 years, and was frustrated by the tedium of teaching where to put punctuation marks while my students were battling life-threatening eating disorders, home trauma, and food insecurity. What they needed was empathy, confidence and acceptance. The more I tried to teach that way, the more pushback I got from administration.

I left. Slowly, I found a way to teach what we all need: A means to rediscovering the wholeness with which we are born.

Whole Damn Woman is here to help you make your life your own by reducing stigma, increasing self-acceptance, & empowering self & community. We tackle everything from guilt over food to dehumanizing systemic problems.

This isn’t life coaching. Whole Damn Woman shows you how to be your own coach.