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Self-Care Coaching

It’s time for you to put an end to Shitty Shoulds a.k.a. those crappy social expectations that fuel stress and overwhelm. Shitty Shoulds lead to people pleasing and self-betrayal. We want you to be done with that shit as much as you do! Self-care coaching with Whole Damn Woman helps you tackle the frustrating rules put on all of us by outdated, patriarchal social expectations. With self-care coaching, you can banish the difficult, harmful, limiting beliefs stopping you from putting yourself first. Your rest and peace are essential, and we want to help you prioritize them.

You’ll leave with an concrete, manageable Self-Care Action Plan to prioritize your boundaries, your authenticity, and your ideal self. You’ll get personalized, tangible help in a safe, brave space where you are heard and appreciated for your vulnerability. We want you to find your whole damn joy!

Whole Damn Woman thinks it’s every person’s birthright to feel safe, comfortable, appreciated, and accomplished. The outdated harms of the patriarchy make us all feel less than whole, and we want to help you fight against it. Self-care coaching is personalized education that teaches you to listen to your needs. A lot of women and non-binary folks are taught to put everyone but themselves first. When it comes time to nourish ourselves, we’re told to defer, to make things easier for everyone else. When Seeta, our CEO, taught college courses, she’d go half the day without a pee break or food because everyone else’s needs were more pressing. She learned to people please, ignore her boundaries, and sacrifice her health and sanity because that’s what she was taught to do to get ahead. And she watched as most of the women around her did the same thing.

After twenty-plus years of that garbage, Seeta was done. She spent the height of the pandemic resting, going to therapy, and learning self-compassion. She reconnected with herself, and she longed to share her newfound self-acceptance with others. Thus, Whole Damn Woman’s self-care coaching is about wholeness. It’s about you reclaiming your passion and joy, your time and energy.

A lot of messages about self-care center on luxury and indulgence. We’re all about that (we love a massage!), but self-care is so much more. It’s personal. It’s private. It’s unique to you.

Simple answer: Enthusiastically yes! Self-care coaching is right for everyone who’s ready to stop catering to patriarchal mediocrity. Our successful clients are ready to go beyond liking cute, inspirational graphics on social media. They’re ready to do the inner work. They want to grow. They’re sick of the status quo and feel drawn to a better life. Our clients are urgent to say “fuck off” to stress and overwhelm. They’re sick of the word “should,” and they want to feel whole.

Whole Damn Woman’s clients know it’s beyond time to challenge our internalized patriarchy. That little jerk inside us needs to go, so we challenge its restrictive rules together. Our loud and proud feminist approach works toward systemic change by helping individuals retake their social power: Themselves.

Plus, our clients want to wake up feeling secure, confident, and values-aligned. They’re ready to commit to the sessions, the time, and the work.

What Do I Get from Self-Care Coaching?

No matter which package fits you, you’ll walk away with:

  • Your Shitty Shoulds assessment
  • Your Self-Care Action Plan
  • Judgment-free, no-bullshit guidance
  • Follow-up email with my Google Docs notes
  • Two text or email check-ins
  • Access to Practicing Human, our weekly newsletter with self-care tips, journal prompts, and resources
  • The Wholeness Workbook, an accountability tool
  • Access to the supportive Whole Damn Community on Discord
Just The Right Size Self-Care Coaching package, Price $250
Just the Right Size Self-Care Coaching Package

This is for the person who’s all, “Self care? I don’t know her.” We meet for three 45-minute sessions over six weeks. In session one, we’ll do a self-diagnostic and assess your Shitty Shoulds. During session two, we’ll craft your Self-Care Action Plan. We’ll wrap up in session three to re-evaluation your Self-Care Action Plan and refine it for your daily use.

Just the Right Size is ideal for the person who is new to self-care or needs perspective on how the patriarchy is fucking it all up for daily life.

The Strap-On Self-Care Coaching Package Price $125
The Strap-On Self-Care Coaching Package

If you’re feeling like you’re close to finding your self-care jam but want a little help, the Strap-On Package is gonna satisfy! For this package, we meet for two 30-minute sessions, first to do your Shitty Shoulds assessment and start your Self-Care Action Plan, then to finish and refine your plan. Because you’re doing the thing already, we’ll focus on a specific stressor like the grossness of diet culture, capitalism’s thievery, or toxic positivity.

The Strap-On fits those who want accountability and need clear direction to reframe, react, and reduce life’s brain clutter.

Brain Rental option

Neither package feels good? Just need a sounding board for your self-care ideas?

Book an hour with me! This a great option for folks who need a fresh perspective!

Disclaimer: All services provided by Whole Damn Woman are for educational purposes. I am not a certified or trained mental health care provider nor should any provided services be construed as therapy. We cannot promise improvements in quality of life, mental health, or general health. For qualified mental health assistance, please visit your primary care physician and or the Find a Therapist service from Psychology Today. For mental health emergencies, dial 988 in the U.S. or text HOME to 741741 to reach the Crisis Text Line.